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Reviews for "LL - Lemming Shorts!"

Awesome ending tune!

Thin Lizzy rock, so kudos for adding them.

Now, as regards the random parts of the flash, I've seen a lot worse, to be honest. At least yours was well animated and funny. I particularly liked the part with SporkLock, who talks in essays, not that I'm going to make mine into one now, because I never go on and on about stuff when I should have stoppped hours ago...


Still, when Lemming got everyone to look up, I thought that he'd just walk off at some point, leaving everyone else staring into space and wondering why. Promoting LockLegion.co.uk was also a good idea though, but not as funny.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - I Love Walruses too :)

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shaka-zulu responds:

Thin Lizzy rocks so hard :D

Love live the lock legion

Good cross over with the Lemming type Locks ,and this movie was great plenty of laughts to with the rasin? type lock. My favourite Sharklock was funny and this looked great, lovely bright colors. Even though this was meant to be short, it was quite long.

shaka-zulu responds:

Thanks mate. And they're not raisins, its a kiwi fruit and a coffee bean.