Reviews for "Sketchpad 2"

Very useful!

I'm glad somebody had the thoughtfulness to teach me how to draw a desert background, I had no idea how to draw triangles on a horizontal plane. The hands were useful as well as I had no concept of how to draw them, me not having hands myself. I am typing this with my nose.

You should draw everybody's animations, that way Newgrounds would all be perfect and the same, just the way you like it.

Thank you for the informative Flash, I will send you my .fla's so that you may approve of my artistry.

Blakant responds:

Oh, rlly?
Thx for b'lieving me.. hehe


that was AWESOME.
im sorry i had to pull out, but its good to see you actually used some of my ideas, which were done very well!

yay, im in the credits!


Nice flash this was reallly something informative and very helpful for the NGers who are new to making flash. This is a great job, and keep it up! :]

full credit

waoh i never expected that you can do all that by just bending the lines...

wow that pretty good!!

I liked it a lot - lol it'll even help me! And well I'm not the best animator, but i do have some suggestions...

I liked how the music was relaxing, but I don't know if it played its part... Its hard to find the right music but thats just something i have to say
Another thing is that maybe you can have a "finished button" so people dont have to wait a while to see what its like at the end. Or like a X2 button - you know? But it is important that it goes that slow to show people how its done too.
Maybe in the "Frame rate" you can type a higher number so that it's not so choppy with the tween. I dont know if you wanted it choppy or not, but its just in idea.

That took a while for me to give advise! Cause it was so good! So I liked it a lot and keep on getting better! I like your ideas and how this movie was set up and organized!