Reviews for "Awesome Kombat"


Nice Vid, ver random but then again I like random, shoulda voiced the part when it said Fag though, would've been funnier, btw nice blood splurting sound effects very realistic :D

tehslaphappy responds:

Thanks. I was really bored when I made this.


dude u just love to add random things i well here is here im going to rate this show im going to givde it AWESOME RATING add better but heres a idei add better graphics like mabye ome what really life

tehslaphappy responds:

Random isn't really my strong point so I just tried.

up down left right

Wow that was fkn awesome dude!!!

Soooo funny

tehslaphappy responds:



and for Notveryoriginal
the paly thing is done purposely, and don't say that if you're going around spelling "good" like "god"


have you ever even played mortal combat