Reviews for "Awesome Kombat"

It was ok...

But let me just say this. If you watched Metal Gear Awesome 2.5, you'd think that this was an amazing flash


point got across...but it wasn't enough for a laugh

Yes, that's Mortal Combat

the Content of the Vid is exactly the content of MC :)


there was really just nothing good about that what so ever. Yeah "dont complain about the art", im not complaining, its just terrible.

Theres nothing funny about this, theres nothing artistic about this, its just.... awesomely terrible.


just quoting aiesha123

this was nog a good flash man if you compare this to Egoraptor's flashes, You'll see the diverence ;)

owh btw.. i gave you a 3 cause the animation was good but could have used a bit more work on it, + the sounds dit not match the Flash