Reviews for "Awesome Kombat"

well, he said it was crappy in the description

idk what my first review said which was DELETED but i'm sure it was something to the effect of this doesn't seem much like mortal kombat at all. were you serious about making a egoraptor parody? bc it doesnt seem like it if so


just showing 2 kids playing mortal kombat while using your voice as the sound does not make this submission awesome


from my point of view it looks like you just thougth of it and spent like five minutes making this... try harder, a lot harder.


I thought it was funny.

And people clearly can't read. You said "This movie is a crappy version of awesome." and that it was...Which is why I loved it.

It was so random. I didn't even see it coming.
That really made my evening.

It`s alrightt

Almost as funny as Egoraptor`s.