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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"

Fun, but easy

your game was really fun and all but it was too easy....
Like once I got to wave 17 I could afford a rocket launcher
and from there...I just kept upgrading it and eventually, I could kill anything one hit and eventually maybe it was wave 50, the game ended and it showed an arrow, I clicked on it and all I could see was the menu screen blinking every time I clicked it.


addictive game, made it in my firts time though (score of 67211)

5/5 for u!


Honestly, In don't know why your game is getting so low a score (I mena, you have a good score, but it SHOULD be above a 4) ....I mean, it has a few flaws here and there, but it's stuff SO much fun!

Here are the only things that I would improve:

1. Infinite levels (just set some kind of automatic genrator thing)
2. a reload speed upgrade, because I felt like rate of fire upgrades were kiond of annoying after the first upgrade, because when you spend your ammo faster, you just have to reload at the same horribly slow speed!
3. A few powerups here and there (like, a meter where you can ask god to clean the current field for you when it fills up, or mabye it costs a lot of money, or something like that)

But ya, besides these things alone, this game was darn near PERFECT!



Great Game

Very fun way to waste time and very addicting...
just wondering, did anyone else get the glitch were on level 2 the pistols stats get maxed out???