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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


never got enough money to get past the uzis.: :( :(
good story line though 2/10


Truly, what is the point of this. I thought this would be at least better than the first. Boy was I wrong. You start out as some dude with a pistol. No plot. No point. Guys with bronze spears come out at incredibly slow speeds. You fire quite fast at these guys. They all die in one hit. A few levels later, there are these practically invincible guys. All the weapons are meaningless, with or without upgrades. Besides, I upgraded the pistol all the way. The point of any other weapons after that? None. I fired like a minigun. And I mowed all the recolored (Wow) Models around. As I said about the new enemies, They have similar weaponry, but they are recolored. Nothing new, nothing old. Unsignificant health boosts are supposed to make the waves harder? No. But by wave 20. Thousands of enemies burst onto the screen. The max clip space is small, So my temple was being plowed by little bronze spear guys. If all the weapons are going to be soooo different, here they are.

Pistol- Steady, Over-powered gun.
Uzis- Innaccurate, shoots 2 bullets that do absolutely less damage than the pistol.
Shotgun- A stream of somewhat good pellets. Good for crowds. (Not)
Crossbow- A basic weapon. Shoots bolts that can, like other weapons, kill in one hit.
Rocket launcher- The most horrible weapon in the game! It has a single target effect that does MINISCULE damage. It is just plain terrible.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Allllright buddy

nah brav



To Boring graphics are bad and the political involvement is even more annoying and even more boring.