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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"

sryz, i agree with the guy below...

im giving this a ten.. but it seems like the sequle... isn't really worth a good sequle...

the super weponds--- the star of david and some other stuff--- are removed =(
the wave's decreased =(
only one true wepons owns.. the crossbow...
reload =(
i want the super weponds back PLUS a mode where it goes infinity-ly
other htne that.. i gues it's ok...

awsome game

awesome game but 1 flaw XD the rocket launcher wasnt as what i pictured it as
the wepons were awsome but i dont understand why do otheres say tht the fat people were invincible unless they must really suck ass at defence games all you ned to do is to upgrade and u get lots of points

A lil easy

It was fairly easy in my opinion once I got the Crossbow I just fully upgraded it. The only thing that took me more than 1 hit to kill were the those fat guys with 2 swords. But none the less a good game all round really could use some better graphis and a larger variety of weapons. Didn't mind the moving around to collect the coins for more money but I rarely did it.


ok... this gAme is awesome: the improvement would be to upgrade Rocket Launcher reaload speed, and here is a walkthrough:
Pistol- Your main weapon, upgrade this first, although dont spend too much time with it. It is good in the beggining.
Uzi-Forget it, there are better weapons that dont waste ammo.
Shotgun- Use with the crossbow as your secondary weapon. The spread fire WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE
Crossbow- Your future pistol: upgrade this gun and you will not regret it.
Rocket launcher- Costly, slow, although the damage is insane... save the money for the shotgun.
The speed upgrade may be good but remember: If you start rock and rolling with an automatic weapon: soon you'll have an empty clip and a dead hanukkah.

Really addicting!

This game was the perfect type of defense game, not so much unique in style, but unique in plot, which made it awesome. Defending your temple has to be one of the funniest ideas I've heard of, and I loved it. The upgrades were awesome, the only thing you really couldve changed was a different style of bullets coming from each gun instead of just a red bar. Overall this was the perfect difficulty for a defense game, not too ridiculously hard, but not extremely easy either, great job with this game and bring more!