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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


by far one of the best games defense games i ever played. the only draw back for me was not enough lvls and upgrades and guns and enemys. just there needs to be more of this game thats all there is.

Very fun

I hope to see a sequel "Defend your Temple 3" in the future! It took my a while but I finally beat the game undefeated! My damage was at 99% and one of the fat guys dressed in black was one step away from the temple.... but I did it. Great game, great music, great graphics. 5/5

{Deth Reviews}

Not bad

I thought it was good, my only real complaint was the weapons, it would of been cool if the cross bow went though enemies or some similar effect for each different gun. The worst thing probably was the rocket launcher, which in my opinion is probably the worst weapon of them all, enemies don't bunch up enough to take advantage of the area of effect aspect of the weapon, and it was too slow and too weak (it could not one shot one of the fat guys dressed in black in the last levels) which more or less made it useless in comparison to the crossbow, which was cheaper, each bolt was just as strong as a rocket and it fired much much faster.


This was definetley not an upgrade from the DYT game all the guns did the same thing which was the major putdown for me

i liked the first one a lot better

what happened to the super jew guns lol
but its ok im fine....dont need to comfort me or anything *sniff*...