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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


Sign me up for a circumcision this game was fantastic.

FrostedMuffins responds:

I love you Luis!!!! Thanks for everything :)


This is an addicting game! I did not quit until I saw that "You saved Hanukkah!" message. Although this game could use more weapons, it's still a great game.
Oh and little did your enemies know, "RULE 4: To enter the Hanukkah club, just don't carry weapons. And you can just walk right in. As opposed to getting shot down by our sniper but, heh, you don't want that do you? Just don't come armed and we'll let you in. But if you attempt to destroy the place, BANG!"


I beat that game in 30 minutes lol. Very fun. I like used the pistol most of the levels but then as i started playing i used the crossbow and never sued the bazooka. Only problem is that if you hit reload and switch weapons, it wnt reload the gun you wanted =/. All in all 10/10 =]


All in all, VERY nice. The difficulty level was, at least for me, perfectly tuned. I started to panic during level 30; I was thinking, "Shit, this got a lot harder all of a sudden." Of course, once I realized that was the last level, I was fine with it. The end of the game should be the toughest part, after all.

My only real complaint was that some guns were FAR more useful than others. I went with the shotgun and never looked back. I put points into other guns once it was maxed, but they didn't even come close. I didn't touch the crossbow, but both the uzis and the rocket launcher felt neutered compared to the mighty shotgun. If that's what you were going for, then cool, but if the launcher was supposed to rock the hardest, then you may want to tweak things a bit. Still, that's a pretty minor and nitpicky detail and it didn't make me enjoy the game any less - 5 for you!


this game was fun for like the first 10 mins, it gets extremely repetitive very quickly, there are only, what, 5 (?) guns, and they are all very similar i got bored after lvl 25 and let them kill my temple.

could do with more variety, maybe some power-ups or turrets or something
but overall i think its a cool time waster, which, lets face it, is what all mini-games should be. i can see other people liking this game i prefer something with more of a storyline

its also unnecessarily gorey.....i mean do people really explode into several pieces with blood gushing everywhere when hit by one crossbow bolt?