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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"

Not exactly what I'd call "Mazel tov"

A nice effort, although the subject matter would have to go a long way to be anymore controversial! I have to say though that it has a very cumbersome aiming and shooting system which simply doesn't work well on a laptop, and not 100% even with a proper mouse. The backgrounds are somewhat bland too, and due to the content a comparison with 'Defend Your Castle' is enivitable which unfortunately leaves this looking rather amateurish. Sorry dude.

this i like

very good game, and (not that im a jew, but) its cool 2 se SOMETHING besides santa masssacre scenes
got hard along the way but mostly cuz i didnt read description.
awesome game
definitely reccomend it.

Very good

needs more upgrades and guns and needs to be a little harder but it was good

Good Gameplay, Poor Graphics

The only thing that's really holding this game back is the visuals. They just look like your average, poorly drawn flash graphics (especially the temple). However, the death animations were done really well - I wish just as much time would have been put into drawing the rest of the game.

Other than the graphics though, this game was actually quite good. It was addictive, and I liked all of the options you had for upgrading the weapons. The game seemed well-balanced, but making it a little more challenging would have been a little better.

Deja Vu?

Seems like there there hasn't been any major improvements from the last Defend Your Temple. Overall the game was enjoyable, like the first one, but I was expecting more. The graphics were good but had nothing special (besides the fact that one of the death animations had the guy being ripped in half >:]). Gameplay was repetitive but didn't take away from the enjoyment. The only real suggestion I have is to make it slightly more difficult and maybe add a reload time upgrade option. I found that the game was really easy, my temple never had any damage above 30% and I could just repair it just as easily. You either might want to raise the cost of repair or raise the damage dealt by the enemies. As for the reload upgrade, it could help if the game was more difficult but the game it easy enough as it is without it.