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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"

Work Of Genius

Enough Said.

nice upgrade

from the first edition, this one is more fun IMO, good job =)

Fun but a tad boring

A bit borig, your guy that you are controlling could move a bit faster making it easyer to grab the cash bonises and an auto reload would be nice, but overall a good game.


go jewish man with beard! go!!!! you own them man!!!! yea, this game taught me one lesson about jews, don't mess with them.... but thats with all religeons. well any ways down to the review, the game is fun although i suggest a auto reload and a optional realod when you want to, the game might make people think wrong about jews, especially little kids, they might get the message that jews are people with guns that happily kill other people, now nobody wants a world that hates jewish people......exept hitler, but thats not the point here, the point is that its a fun game but it sends a bad message, if it wernt for the message this game would have an 8 but otherwise you shoulda called it defend your city or somthing like that. anything that is not sending any bad messages about other religion or what people look like.


To Boring graphics are bad and the political involvement is even more annoying and even more boring.