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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


Seriously, cool. It did seem like it was some look into human nature for a minute, then it turned to a dream thing? I guess it's left to the imagination, right?
Anyway, the animation wasn't bad for being rushed, (it seemed to match), and the story was cool and all. Nice job for 2 days. :D

Masquatto responds:

Thanks! :D


Obviously, this was heavily-influenced by David Firth.

Though, you did not rip off or steal anything. You kept original ideas and I respect you for this.

Beginning and middle was very nice. The ending was abrupt and left no real impression. You should have thought out a bettter ending.

I want a sequel haha.


Masquatto responds:

The only part really influenced by him was the text for the benefactor. The wobbly effect and character style was actually more inspired by an unsubmitted short from PillowClock.

Heh. It's weird because a lot of people liked the ending in particular, but a few people just didn't like it much at all.

Hah. Maybe, maybe.

yup yup

pretty conspiracy-like, but i think if u truly spent oh i dunno... 3 days on it, it would have more depth and your story could truly come to life =]
loved the ideas =]

Masquatto responds:

Hahaha. 3 days and it would've been Brackenwood. :P


-1 for sound quality, for which you've defended plenty.

right up until the end i thought he WAS dreaming, and the illusions were other passengers, and the noise was the bus window vibrating on his skull. Either story would be excellent in my mind.

good job.

Masquatto responds:

Heh. Yeah.

Thanks. :D


I want to know what the purpose was,

Masquatto responds:

Thanks for the review.

I pretty much answered that in my response to CaptinChu, so look at that. :]