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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


Personaly i think your broadcasting to the wrong audience not many will understand the story here on newgrounds but then again where else do you put a flash. just incase this does get blammed tho please put this on youtube id hate to see it disapear. i dont even see how this could be under judgement. A perfect score for the perfect story with the perfect character

Masquatto responds:

Hah. That could be true. I might upload it to YouTube. I'm not sure.
Thanks for the sincere review.


lol my last name is joyce to...wierd right???

Masquatto responds:

I chose Joyce because it seemed like a common name, but I actually didn't know anyone who personally had it.

I guess that makes you close to perfect. Har har.

Very good.

GFX: 8/10
Sound: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Story: 9/10

Very cool, one question, Did you do all voices? And how did you think up the story?

Masquatto responds:

Thank you. :]

Yes and yes. Except for music and sound effects, everything was thrown together by yours truly last weekend.

very good

you should take more creepy stories and turn them to flash. i heard one about i guy who kept on having violent thoughts in his house blah blah blah i can't remember all of it but in the end it seems t.v.'s were put behind all the mirrors in his house and they all played a video of him(or someone who looks like him) getting horribly killed and mutilated (this loops over and over on the t.v.). anyway nice flash bring moar mindflash to newgrounds and ill giver you moar 5's and 10's :D

Masquatto responds:

Haha. I'll try. Thanks.

Brilliantly Executed

I find that your appologies in the author comments truly aren't needed as this flash not only deserves its recieved acclaim but surpasses how I think we define flash. As an art form, flash is predominantly lacking, yet in this piece I feel the animation, music, and monologues flowed so well together that it created something out of the realm of a simple animation on a computer screen.

I watched the film before I read your comments and while doing so I thought "This animator must have written the story then animated it much later," as it sounds like a lterary work very recognizably. I was obviously surprised to find you created the work intending to make a flash because animations scripts normally don't have many poetic or driving undertones. Very well done, then, in that respect.

Walter Joyce is one of the best animations I've yet seen, and in my opinion by far above the quality of most movies on this site, and even most the animating internet for that matter. I only wish the demographic of this site were older and more mature so as to appreciate the true rarity and beauty of such a compilation.

I do have one question to stray from my praise, however. How did you arrive at the name Walter Joyce? It is, in a word, perfect.

Masquatto responds:

Thank you very much for your kind review. It means a lot.

Walter Joyce, to be frank, was what I thought "sounded best" for the part. I browsed wikipedia birth/date names until I had collected a few good ones, and I thought that "Walter Joyce" sounded like the best combination of any of them (it also had no Wikipedia page, so it was sort've "not taken" in that sense ;]). "Walter Joyce" sounds fairly normal and yet somehow unique at the same time, and I felt like such a name would fit the role I was trying to make. Walter Joyce is perfect, after all. :P