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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

Very Interesting

This was a great work of art. I thought Miles Davis "So What" fit in well, as I am a big fan. 5/5 from me.

Masquatto responds:

The second I heard "So What" I know it was perfect for a monotonous rain scene. :P Miles Davis is simply classic. Thanks. :]

So very amazing.

Truly, this is a masterpiece of the modernist genre.
It's been a long time since I've taken the time to leave a review, as will it probably be some time before I leave another...but this deserves my praise, and I'm happy to give it.

I'm a creative writing professor at my local college, and I can tell you from experience that you have created something quite marvelous.

Keep it up, and I may have to come out of "retirement" again!


Masquatto responds:

Wow. I didn't think I'd be that noteworthy. :D

I'm actually not a huge writer. :0 I find it quite cool that a writing professor likes my stuff. :P

Thanks for taking the time to review.

This was done in two days? This was quality work.

Very impressive. Your storytelling skills are top-notch, and your flash is actually better than most of the dreck you see in the Portal. Well done. You got my 5-vote.

Masquatto responds:

:) That's very flattering. Thanks.

You're a good storyteller!

Nicely done

Masquatto responds:

Wai thank you sir.

Ooooh, creepy! (^_^)

Stellar. Lovely short-story style, great use of the 'snow' effect.
I actually enjoyed the inaudability of the voice-overs during the room sequence, felt as though the 'ambient noise' was taking over a bit, which seems to be important to the story.
Why an informant and not something creepy like a relative or random stranger? I'd also have thought he'd be killing a real person in the room, rather than illusions.
But, I read too much sci-fi, so that's just me.

Masquatto responds:

I'm happy you think so. :}

Heh, yeah, I suppose that does kind've make sense.

A relative would've been an interesting idea. Maybe I should've done that.

They could've been real. :P