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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


A good and interesting tale. Script was really well written and the sounds and animation created an effect of depth - it really drew me in.

Masquatto responds:

Heh. I was worried that the microphone was too crappy. :-X Glad you could still enjoy it. :)


okai, pretty good

Masquatto responds:

You know, I've still never seen an episode of the twilight zone?

I ought to check one of those out...

Awsome thing to do.

<3 just <3

Masquatto responds:

Less than three to you, too. :}

A thought provoking narrative.

I realy did enjoy watching this flash and the narrative within in it. I enjoyed your closure of the matter and how you left a broad enough mental spectrum to allow people to draw thier own philisophical conclusions. One thing though. Have you ever seen the movie Stranger Than Fiction? I was surprised by the close relation to the start of your flash and that movie (such as the man being described as "Perfect" and the fact his wristwatch was a sentient entity which forgets to wake him up.) Im in no way saying that the idea was plagerised. I'd just like to know whether the beginning of your flash was inspired by that idea.

Masquatto responds:

I've never seen it, but it sounds interesting. :0 Maybe I'll check it out.

Brain pinching and peculiar.

Thank you very much for submitting this,
a great watch, or rather listen.

Sometimes in this world a magical thing happens, where a writer creates something that is so far-fetched and intriguing, someone like myself feels a shiver up their spine and a grin form on their face. Thanks to you, this is one of those moments.

Those last few frames seemed to nudge my brain in the right direction, although I do not believe I have entirely figured it out.

From time to time I have found myself to write things that lead one to expect explanation, but are in fact, floating words with no home, as in no ending, no direction or closure. But of course, you're obviously does, I'm just not smart enough, or awake enough to put clue and clue or two and two together.

Once again, thanks. 9 out of 10, A score that is both tasty and fair.


Masquatto responds:

Quite a sincere review. :]
I'm glad it gave you a chilling feeling. That's probably the best I could hope for. :P