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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

interesting! you indeed have a creative mind

honestly...i have seen ur work and can say i have seen u do better than this. but u said it was rushed and you know what? i sure as hell couldn't do a flash even half as good with all the time a wanted....lol will joyce appear again.....with another crazy dream? or will he randomly find something like himself..but not insane? i personally enjoyed your films and i will be watching your improvements. random question? how did you learn how to animate? if you don't wanna answer it's all good. i wont take it personally. looking forward to your next piece bro...have a good one and i better see something from you in the near future...

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, 2 days is a pretty small timeframe. If I had more time to spend on it, I'd've probably had much more complicated and dynamic visuals. Heh... Personally, I don't think this is anything like my other submissions, but okay. :P

Self taught, occasionally asking internet people random questions. If you ever need help, feel free to ask me questions.

You too. Hah, I'm not sure when my next piece will be, but it probably won't be very soon; I'm a bit busy for that. :X


very intriguing and original story. i had an idea where it was going, but the end was definitely unexpected. well done.

Masquatto responds:

What a twist! :0

Seriously, though, thanks for the review. :P


lol my last name is joyce to...wierd right???

Masquatto responds:

I chose Joyce because it seemed like a common name, but I actually didn't know anyone who personally had it.

I guess that makes you close to perfect. Har har.



Masquatto responds:

I dunno. Sequels are iffy for me...

Thanks for the 10. :)


This was absolutely stunning. I am thoroughly impressed with your work, but there is one thing about it I wish could have been different. While I understand that you didn't have a perfect mic and not a whole lot of time, it was very difficult to understand most of the narrative while the "noise" was present. At all other times I could understand it but while it was droning, it was nearly impossible. The subtitles for the Benefactor were an immense help but I wish you could have had something for use with all the narrative during that part of the movie.

I honestly felt that this was an exceptionally well done flash, even with the time constraint. I love these kinds of flash, with the whole Big Brother mentality, this was no exception. Keep up the great work and if you don't have time for subtitles, maybe you could type up your narrative somewhere so others could access it.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, the text for the benefactor was actually put in there originally just for dialogue clarification.

Subtitles would probably help the other parts, too. I might go add them and re-upload tonight. :0

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it anyways. :P