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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


I really liked it! It's nice to see something deep and thought provoking among the clusterfuck that is Newgrounds. This reminds me heavily of a short story called Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, at least as far as the governmental benefactor and the obnoxious device in the ear goes. It even has a similar narrative feel to it. It's impressive that you made it in two days, even if the graphics are simple, I think the power of this flash lies in its meaning.

Keep it up!

Masquatto responds:

Hah. Yeah. Well, Newgrounds was founded on cheap laughs. Nothing wrong with that, and there's nothing wrong with breaking away from it. :P
I've never heard of that. :0 I should probably read more... :(

Thank you. :] Will do.

Very Good. I like it.

I think that the story of the Flash has a lot of literature on it. I like to say that the first part was inspired in kafka and the think of conciousness you were thinkin in James Joyce. But i can be wrong so i have to ask you if i am Right.

Masquatto responds:

Well, of those two authors, the only thing I've read was The Metamorphosis, and although I suppose it could be related to Walter Joyce, I can't say I was thinking about it during writing. :-X I'm sure there are a mixture of things I subconsciously took from, but to be frank, I pretty much just made it out of nowhere.
I'm glad you liked it. :)

The ending is what really won me over

It was an interesting flash and throughout watching it, it was quite intriguing.
I enjoyed it and the essential simplicity of it kept my interest.
Keep up the good work.

Masquatto responds:

Then I accomplished my goal. :] Thanks.


Reminds me of an anime thing I watched where this guy gets people to fight for him by using sound to control their psychological patterns. I give this 8/10 (sorry, I didn't like the graphic quality) and 5/5.

Masquatto responds:

That sounds pretty similar. I don't want much anime, so I don't really know what you're referring to.
Yeah, I understand the visual distaste. I didn't really have the time to get the visuals up to par. Thanks for the 5.


I don't fully understand the ending, but I like it. I guess he killed the guy because he was trained to, but I don't really get why he killed the guy or why the benefactor wanted him killed, etc.

Masquatto responds:

There was something put in Walter's ear that made a strange ambient noise. The noise itself seemed to speak to and control Walter's subconsciousness and his emotions, and it urged him to kill the man. Walter couldn't fight it.
The benefactor--who is assumed to have some government affiliation--wanted the man dead because he was a suspect enemy informant.