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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


This movie kind of reminds me of 1984. The movie has a spooky feeling to it, and I'm almost positive I saw something in the static when I looked close.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah I've been told that (the 1984 thing).

Was there something in the static? Maybe... maybe...


Dude, I got chills watching that. That was definetely one of the coolest things I've watched in a long time. You totally deserved the front page.

Masquatto responds:

Haha. Success. I'm happy you think so.

sweet, love it

loved it, in fact, i was like the 178th vote on this while it was in judgement (it was also my first save) and i was really hoping this would make it on. its worth a 5/5

Masquatto responds:

:} Thanks for helping it get through judgement.

Similar to 1984

It seems like Walter Joyce is very similar to the main character of 1984. There, he is bred to love Big Brother and do as he is told or be punished. Although they are both in a white bright room, still this is a great movie. Very eerie!

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, it's got a little bit of a Winston Smith feel to it. :P


holy poo dude...seriously the best serious flash i have ever seen. the twis at the end was even better...and the graphics were very good too. if u want to see bad graphics, take a look at my flash :P

Masquatto responds:

Hahaha. Thanks. I'm glad the graphics were enough for ya. :P