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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

very nice

It was strange and creepy, which is why I liked it. We could use more movies like these on Newgrounds that focus more on stories than action. I hope you got a good grade on this because it had a interesting story that makes you want to keep watching it.

Nice job!


Masquatto responds:

Thanks. :D
I hope so too.

Very interesting

I have to say it was really interesting. I kinda related to it when I heard the louder, red, angry pitch, because I could imagine being frustrated, angry, sweating, uncomfortable, and to add to all that there's this loud, ambient disgusting sound ringing in my ears.. I could kill to silence that. Very interesting indeed. A ten out of ten, no contest.

Masquatto responds:

That's really cool that you connected with it. :} Thanks for the review.

A little bit transparent.

Your animation was superb, I can't criticize at all, there. But I think you could've gone for a much more ambiguous ending. Otherwise, ten out of ten, and I get the feeling I don't need to tell you why.

Masquatto responds:

Lol. I'm surprised you think so (on the animation).
Yeah, I know what you mean by the ending. If I do another serious short, I'll probably leave the ending a bit more ambiguous.


the begining it is almost identical to Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferell. The rest is pretty original with a hint of the Matrix. This is an intreesting psycological idea.

Masquatto responds:

I gotta see that, I guess. Heh.
Thank you.


Like the person below me said. this movie really does have that creepy kinda overtone to it, but thats why It's so amazing. Hell even if this was just for a project I think you should continue on to make many more with this kinda tone which is more story than action. Keep up the good work!

Masquatto responds:

When I clear up some time, I think I will. :P