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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


Was this based on something? It seems like there's a LOT more to the backstory than we get to see.

Masquatto responds:

Nope. Completely out of nowhere. :P Glad you like it.


The minimalism works well with this. Its got a sense of order and efficiency
which, even if you didn't mean to include, enhance this video

The voice, which i am assuming is yours, was good but lacking. not in emotion....because it was purposefully unemotional.....but in the emotion of unemotion if that makes sense. not to sound like a whore but if you ever need a professional voice actor I'm able and willing to work for free. Don't look at what I've been in as of now, its not indicative of my actual ability, the animator compressed the audio to much. contact me sometime

Masquatto responds:


Yeah, it's mine. I wasn't really going for any angle with the voice. I just wanted to get it done. XD If I need someone, I'll message ya.


Screw reading that 460 page book, this is all I need lol

Masquatto responds:

Lol. I haven't even taken Psych yet.

You didn't expect front page for this?

I would have. It was amazing and thought provoking. I would love to work with you some day on a flash.

5/5 10/10 faved

Masquatto responds:

It's hard to get noticed, especially if you're not well known and you're not parodying something else.
Thank you very much. :]

Interesting indeed.

A bit clever, with a smart twist added in. I could also detect some bit of The Matrix as well, probably a conversation between Mr. Smith and Neo. I'm surprised this was allowed in you classroom considering the blood, but pretty fun none of the less. I'd be willing to bet half the people hear had to take an asprin though...

Masquatto responds:

I think a bunch of influences sort've worked themselves into there on their own. I didn't really try to use any ideas from anywhere in particular.
Well, I'm in college. Even if I wasn't, the blood is completely static, and only on for a few seconds (albeit in a rather graphic image).