Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"


The Woaaaaaahhhhhz part is my favorite.. When I first heard it I found myself singing it... >.> <.< Thank's SL! Keep them coming! :D


hypnotizing song!!!!! but rhymes are good :D


whooooouoooooooo whouoooooo hwooowoooooo XD

A beat worthy of an apartment dance party.

The highlight for me is Gooseman's electric voice, which I mentioned wanting more of in a recent comment on Lobster's journal.

Also, since I already "reviewed" the "music video" for this song, I just want to say that it was a good nugget for me when one of the girls in Gooseman's crowd mouthed his name.

... lol

''Fernando's back with another dangerously erotic musical romp designed to impregnate your ears with his web seed.'' i think he can do that