Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"

A crack and yoghurt weight loss diet. Sounds legit.

I put this on while I was doing some work and it was only after about 45 minutes that I thought ''...This is a long song" So, as it allowed me to forget about the loop setting: 5 STARS !

Is it wrong...

That I have made this my unofficial theme song?
That I wish I hunted squid for more reasons than just being like Fernando?
That I downloaded this song, along with Dance?
That I can listen to this and Dance for hours on end without getting sick of them?
No. But it is wrong that I have manwhore web seed in my ears.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it is not wrong. it is just.

... lol

''Fernando's back with another dangerously erotic musical romp designed to impregnate your ears with his web seed.'' i think he can do that

Love it

Love that the chorus is just whoa whoa whoa........ hahaha