Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"

I love this song and cant help but keep listening because of the creativity in the lyrics......

Gaze into my chocolate eyes......

i came

5/5 For the humour and nice sound.

I hear SSJ2 Gohan's theme in the background, kinda.

''strugling with modernaty, a whore for all eternity!'' thats 1 of my favorite parts, like all other parts... ah, whatever does it matter that i like the wholl song!

Day 36: Finally perfected the scent. The trick was a potent blend of scorpion neurotoxin analogue with a mixture of various musks and extracts from the civet cat. Draws females of any and all species like flies on a delicious moist cowpat. A brief entry, diary, as I am fatigued from sexual adventures with more species than I can count.
Day 67: Gooseman visited today. I wonder, is it normal for other men to emerge from a meeting with their friends with their nipples bleeding? And if it is, do I truly want normal?
Day 125: No escape from the dungeon seems possible. The Sorority of Like-Minded Fernando-Lovers clasps their manacles tight, and their thighs tighter. I wonder, when will I taste the cool kiss of goats-milk yoghurt and delicious crystalline cocaine again?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

My goodness, I hope you eventually escaped.