Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"


Raptor Jesus disturbs me... why is he covered in blood?

and when fernando was holding the baby.. is there a story behind that?

how interesting xD


could you please please please send me the version of this without the person's voice? i'd like to sing a voice over LOL.

Um, Chris, sir?

I...i think i became pregnant after listening to this...what do i do?

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i require a dna test!!!!!

Chris I fancy you

Single/ Male/ 17/ UK looking for a Chris Voigt in local/ transnational area. Reply via the sub-ether network of semen that directly connects us manwhores.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

hmm an enticing offer. ultimately it depends how many coins you have in your pocket at the time of our meeting.


The Woaaaaaahhhhhz part is my favorite.. When I first heard it I found myself singing it... >.> <.< Thank's SL! Keep them coming! :D