Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"


this shit is funny!!!
me and my friends get stonned and sign this crap!
thanks for the good times with this song dude

Not as good as the dance, but still great!

Really, the lyrics are hilarious as usual, and in the flash the animation was perfect, but thats not of any importance right now:

As I was saying, the lyrics are great, and the music is... mweh okay. I think it could get a little better... The part with the gooseman (30 seconds-43 seconds) was a nice change in the song, and overall I liked the song a lot.

5/5, 9/10

Keep it up, I am looking forward to the next one!


This song is amazing! I enjoyed this and I can't stop listening. Also, here are the lyrics typed out:

Gaze into my chocolate eyes
Let my music sterilise
Give it to me your hard earned coin
I'll share with you my tortured groin
What you're feeling is not weird
You want to burrow in my beard
Gaze upon my chiselled abs
I no longer have the crabs
My rhymes will grab you by the throat
And ride you like a sturdy goat
I will drown you in my scent
With or without your consent
I am a whore of some renown
Your buttocks are my hunting ground
I am a manwhore without peer
Absorbing sex from the atmosphere

Woah woah%uFEFF woah woah wowoah woah
Woah woah wowoah woooaaahhh
Wowowoah wowowoaah wowowowowoooaaahh

Pressure building like a cyst
I want to share you with love's fist
I'll lick your feet I'll wear a collar
I'll do anything for a dollar
I will fit you like a glove
More precious than a father's love
Not that I would really know...
I like my women rich and young
The kiss of yoghurt on my tongue
I wield a fleshy latin sword
Raptor Jesus is my Lord
Let me be your Phantom Limb
Crack and yoghurt keep me slim
Struggling with modernity
A whore of all eternity

brilliant and elegantly humorous

d00d, you're hilarious!! I love all/most of your audio stuff. The lyrics in this one and the other manwhore ones, particularly. Great timbre and inflection, too. The amazingly ridiculous autotune, too, of course. Oh man, mad props

"Not that I would really know... Hm..."

Love it. Well done.