Reviews for "Quest of the Manwhore"


This song is so very addictive for some odd reason. I like it loads.

And ps. ZuneInc, the title of this song is Quest of the Manwhore. What exactly did you expect to hear?

Some critic? Anyone?

I just dont like this. And im not quite sure why, but its just irritating. Ive listened to this a few times and its never that funny. At all. Maybe i have a lousy sense of humor. It seems that this is rated pretty high so everyone disagrees...or is it that people here in NG`s have very low standards. Cant be that. Someone really worked on this i guess, meaning its well produced and it sounds pro, but the humor and the feeling created here is just not work of art. Things used to have deeper meaning or am i missing something here. Now its just a guy saying dirty stuff, sometimes it rhymes, monotonic, never really changing the pitch with a simple beat embedded on the background. Perfect for stoned people to "sing". Need pitch correction? Forget autotune! Just sing along Quest of the manwhore and hit every note! Im not a big fan of this. Why do people like this SO much?

xD nice

fun to sing to. good job


Is funny and great singing and nice techno halfway.

Overall G00d

Funny lyrics, good background sound, and Gooseman's solo made me listen to this over and over.