Reviews for "Portawesome"

this rocks!

you`re getting a five from me, and proto seo461 is getting a mouthful of himself.
the teleporters on the floor and ceiling were something i did that i joked about too. good job!


The comedy was definitely spot on to Egoraptors style, grapics and voices could definetly use some work, but I could overlook it if the video would of been a bit longer, also should of had the turrets say something.

shut up proto-seo461

this is a PARODY! NOT THE GAME! you noob. and WHO CARES (besides you obviously)
ABOUT WHEN THE TURRETS SHOOT! you jerk! i love this it is really funny when it shoots him at the end!

sort of..

i would give you a 10 for humor but how little you know about portal is sad. sad enough to land you back at the 6 mark.
facts u overlooked:
1: you never meet any other humans.
2:as soon as you are within range a turret would start shooting, not when it's convineint to the comedy.

i loved that game

but where was companion cube?