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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"

Awesome thanks!

This really helped me. Its gotten me much better at animation! Im also reading a book on animation by Preston Blair.

Anyway, awesome. I hope you make some more. Theres already loads of stick tutorials so i dont think that would be a good use of your time and talent. If you were going to do another tutorial, id say do one of animation in more detail or something.

Well it took me some time but I was able to make one like yours except it isnt as good: http://www.swfup.com/filepop?id=77007 (im sorry if thats against the rules but i dont think it counts as advertising since im not even a member)

loved it..

this was really helpful, but can you do one for running, like the animation of the clothes ont hat, because i can never seem to get the perspective right for the upper body or the animation of the clothes


This really helped a lot.

One of the best animation tutorials I've seen.
Most of the stuff I knew how to do, but the mirror was what I stuck around to see. Thanks for showing us how to do it! Now off I to try it.
Nice music too. Very comforting.

that's why we love flash

that's why we love flash


Thank you so much!!!!! this helps ALOT!!!