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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"


help me thanks

Thanks man

I'm working on a animation and this was a helpful tutorial nice job thanks for the awesome tutorial.


I love how you included your outlines really helps alot. Good basis for drawing just about any type of humanoid character. Just started animating so this tutorial is pure god work to me, and i have gone and spent about seven hours in a row tinkering with such and getting something (a guy walking away from a giant bouncing ball). And your key frame idea helped a lot to so thanks for your tutorial.

Magical-Arts responds:

Glad it helped :)

sup auther

sup anywayz i am a well know game reator this is just my other count nywayz u have some skillz in animation so i want to team up with u do u have any stuf that u made that is just for fun cuz id like to see if its good well nice anime skills sasuke out

Magical-Arts responds:

No thanks :) good luck in your search for a partner.

Nice step by step

I have to be honest this was a very good how to video. The gradients and all are a little complex to understand but I can figure that much out. Now about the drawing thing. Do I HAVE to use a tablet? To be honest I draw a lot better with a pencil and paper. If so how would I get them into the program and then also is there a certain file format this has to be saved in? I wold also like to know how to make it interactive. Would I have to embed that in html? Just asking dude. Still amazing though.

Magical-Arts responds:

Umm well that's alot of questions :P But if you wanna use pencil and paper I can from the top of my head just suggest 2 options. Either you scan each frame you've drawn on paper and then save them as an image sequence, I.E. saming them something like 'dude_running_scene01_xxx' (xx being the fram number). once this is done you can load it into pretty much any of the mainstream edeting softwares. Also there is a slightly more automated way that uses a software called flipbook. I'm sure there's more programs like it but I sued it while I studied traditional animation and I know it works pretty ok. not awesome but it works. Basiclly it allows you to quickly scan frames and put them toghter for you. As for format it depends on what you wanna use the final product for, if you just want a video file for youtube, vimeo etc you can go with any standard video format (mov, avi etc, most work. I prefere mov tough :P). If you wanna upload your animation to newgrounds you gonna have to turn it into .swf. .swf comes from Flash which is a program by adobe, when you work on your animation you have a file with the .fla format and then you export your work to .swf. As for haveing it be interactive you can also do this quite easiely in flash with actionscripting. Also you can use some other code stuff I know nothing about (read, html java and what not? have no idea ;D). umm yeah I hope this helps? XD PM if you want me to clarify anything or just have any questions :)