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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"

Very good!

This is one of the few animation tutorials that really teach me something!
Great job.




This actually teaches someone how to make animation, and it is really good, and informative. I haven't done any flash, but I know that with this I can maybe make something really good. Thanks for making this and keep up the great work! :]

I learned alot from this!

This was one of the few very good tutorials that actually teach something. If there were a background you would have gotten a 10, even if it was simple. I like the extra info button, nice touch. I'll probably use this tutorial sometime soon, great job!


It's probably worth mentioning that for the outline, your symbol must be a "movie clip" or "button" type, or else filters are not applicable.

I remember when I first started using flash and I couldn't understand for the life of me why my symbol couldn't have filters applied to it. Turned out it was type "graphic". That was a needless several hours of pain.

good tutorial though, neat ideas.