Reviews for "Animation tutorial"

Great tutorial.

I find this to be extremely useful. I'm making a flash animation myself so these tips that you mentioned in the flash really helps me a lot.

My favorite animation tutorial, highly recommended

Beautiful explanation on how to animate good quality and frame by frame anime. I do have a good collection of animation books, I collect them since 1999, and I have some more of how to draw Manga too, but the flow you just put in your tutorial is very interesting and very easy to follow, easier than the own books. Added to my favorites! 10/10 5/5 A+ . Keep it up and I'm dying to see more of your stuff! You have great a talent, and you are doing good by sharing it with the NG community, see you around!!! Congrats!!!

Magical-Arts responds:

Wow ^^ thanks :D I'll consider making more tutorials :)

good tute

If I werent already an animator, this would be incredibly useful. I liked how you wrote it and explained things. The diagrams and breakdowns made it all very details, i hope to see more from you =]

What a great contribution!

Thank you for helping to make Newgrounds a better place!


i thought it was great