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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"


Simply the best tutorial I have ever seen.

brilliant work, keep it up.

nice tutorial

first off i would like to say this tutorial is so far the best on newgrounds it teaches actual fbf aniamtion and you make a hard cycle look so easy to do, you tought me a good amount and in good fashion.( I also love how you did not just say to copy this)

The reason you did not get a 10 is becuase it could be longer, next time it would be nice if you cover character movment in general including running/walking, jumping, and dashing.

anyways I look forward to your next tutorial


thank you for this tutorial; i already knew how to do the mirror floor effect, but hadn't ever blurred the mirrored symbol, which makes it look great. i also didn't know how to do the outline thing, which now i love!


this animation was great! im new today to being a memeber on the site even though i've been using it for about 5 years or so(at least i think)
and yes! very good work.it should help me and ther new animators alike

Thank you!

ive just started using flash myself and this has helped ^^ thank you very much