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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"

loved it..

this was really helpful, but can you do one for running, like the animation of the clothes ont hat, because i can never seem to get the perspective right for the upper body or the animation of the clothes



thanks - that really helped me with this!
PS. that guy with the wizard hat looks really cool


This is going to help a flash newb like me alot! Thnks!


This gave me some great tips. TY Mathias

Short Sweet To-the-pont!

I have some experience with drawing "triangle people" as one of my favorite drawing books refers to them as. Animating really is just a step above sketching. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I really learned a lot from it.

If I ever produce anything worth uploading to the web I will surely mention your name in the credits.

Also- you chose a great model. Action like that is always daunting to beginners as well as interesting to look at.

The only criticism I have of the flash was the ugly font you used for the writing. That's all.