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Reviews for "Animation tutorial"

what software are you using I'm sorry but I'm a beginner so I need to know

Some good tips, and that glorious music of freedom fighters

Thanks for the tutorial but I'm so curious about, if you created a animation and post it to NG can you get moneys from it?

Magical-Arts responds:

Sure! This link should be a good place to start looking:

Now I am a beginner so don't laugh, do you know a video that can teach me the basics of Flash easily? Like the keyframes and shortcut key? And of course since it's been about eight years since you posted this since the second do you have a preferably new video using the updated versions of Flash? thank you. :) Nice tutorial by the way, very simple it seems if I understood the basics of Flash.

Magical-Arts responds:

Hey dude! Try searching for 'OneyNG toon tutorials' on youtube I had a quick look and it seemed to be a good place to start :) Otherwise youtube is full of tutorials, just try and search around a bit :D

awesome but which program do you use for this i am very new so please help me.

Magical-Arts responds:

I use a program called Flash but there are several programs to choose from! For exmaple you can just aswell (or even better) use TVpaint or ToonBoom.