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Reviews for "Battle Tank"


had a good gameplay...
but it is too simple...
nice graphics...
but... the tank it's very slow... (even with the speed & acceleration)
you get bored easily

pretty good

It was a pretty good game, kept me going for a while. The controls were simpel and worked well. Maybe if u're gonna make a sequel, i'd advice u to make a lot more enemies so that it feels more like you're in a war. The upgrades were ok, tough a damage upgrade would be cool. As for the people who said 'OMG TE TANK MOVES SOOO SLOOOOW' imagine it's a tank -.-" tanks move slow, get used to it.
Overal awesome game! 4/5 8/10!!!


STUPID PEOPLE. I can't believe you gave this game a zero! It was brilliant.

Things that were nice:
1. The graphics were excellent, although (not to beat a dead horse) there was a blur on the tires when I moved south (down).
2. The upgrades. They had a massive effect, and they were really cheap.
3. The colors. It was unique to think of letting the player choose their tank's color. I enjoyed experimenting with the RGB to find the best color for me. it turned out black suited the tank very well.
4. The bonuses. There was one that gives you money, one that makes your tank temporarily indestructible, and one with a 'C' on it that filled the bar at the top.
5. The ability to choose the crosshair. I liked the third one best.

Things that weren't so cool:
1. There weren't as many types of upgrades as I expected. You should of had at least 2 more that could have been 'improve missile damage' and 'improve machine gun damage'.
2. You shouldn't have to pay to get your tank painted or get a new crosshair.

Questions I happen to have at this certain stage of my existence:
What does the bar at the top of the screen do?
Are you going to make another version?
How many other things rot in the dark space of your computer called 'Cancelled Projects'?

Overall Review:
It was very good, but had the odd faults here and some flaws there. A good game that deserves at least an 8!

a little dissapointed

by the time the game got interesting...
i've bought up all the upgrades in the shop... ...

a somewhat longer planning could'ave helped


It was fun for me.
Sure, it's easy but you gotta love it :3