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Reviews for "Battle Tank"

Good, not great

I know you have stated you havent gone as far with this game as you wanted, but ill still give what you could do to make it better

The game felt really slow. Mainly because of the way enemys were spaced out, the mines and the fact it kept stopping and starting. It stopped way too much in the earlier stages, it got annoying.

The game had decent graphics, and the shooting/driving mechanics worked well. And they game had alot of lasting value due to being able to purchase upgrades and so on, although it could of done with more depth just to make it better. (Buy completly new tanks or something)

Overall, a good game but didnt match my expectations from the alpha :(

knugen responds:

I'm sorry it didn't meet your expectations, the fact that I cut this short will hopefully give me more time and motivation for my new, better projects though :)

Great Attempt

its a great idea, but you should add some stuff like
- mini map, i kept running into a mud pit to get a powerup, only to get slaughtered by the enemy
-new weapons, i know everyone is going to ask for this, but i figured i'd add my name
i alos noticed some glitches they were
-my tanks treds were still tan, i'm not sure if this was planned, but it looks a little out of place on a bright red tank
- after level 3 my cannon wouldn't fire.
all in all it was a great idea, if you make the tank a little bit smaller, and the view from farther away (to give more sight) i would give this a higher rating

knugen responds:

Mini map and more weapons was something that I originally planned, and a point of view further from the tank was too, but my old code was really bad so some stuff would be a pain in the ass to add and my motivation kept failing me :/

Another bug that I haven't heard of (about the cannon), are you sure you just weren't out of missiles (the amount you have are next to the crosshair)?

Thanks for your review!

pretty good

thanks for fixing the bugs. but at lv 3 the controls ger reversed like in the first version.

knugen responds:

You are the second one to mention that bug, but I've never gotten it? It seems really weird, please PM me with more details if you have any.


its kind of good but it could use more better graphics