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Reviews for "Battle Tank"

Great Game

I liked this... personally i agree with Spinks' reccomendations... its great but eventually... your goin to die.... and people who cant stand losing at a game with a simple idead (I.E blow stuff up) and those people being me, end up playing untill they break theyre already low self esteem at the face they cant get past lvl 8.

but still Awesum to the Xtreeeeeeeeme


it wasn't too hard hard. i ended up fully powered by lvl 9. i hardly ever got rockets but i still got pretty far. the star did exactly what it did in super mario because if you touched anything you would kill it anyway you just wouldn't get hurt. the soldiers were easy to kill, just run them over.

I really like this... a few things

I really like this. Solid Game.

A few thoughts/ideas on what would make it better.

1) Purchasing of missiles (?)

2) Reset missiles seems odd that after you die, you have the same number of missiles left when you restart. One's better off reloading after one dies.

3) Purchase repairs?--Continual damage among the levels?

4) Smoke screens etc... could be cool.

5) Enemy tanks

6) Helicopters

7) Additional power-ups, of various kinds.

8) Is there a purpose to the different "sights"? If there is, I don't see it. Worthily of clarifying.

9) Increase damange on shots?

10) Different terrain?

11) An "adventure mode"

Bottom line: This game has some serious potential. Hopefully, it won't fall under "cancelled" projects for you.

Solid job.


good work, I'm sure you put alot of work into it. the game does have a few problems though..

-you are basically fully upgraded by level 10 at worst, level 8 at best. doesn't really leave much left to aim for but a higher level

-the random pickups are nice, but the problem is that they are random, and none of them are explained. another problem is that I couldnt get a hold of any missiles at all after level 8, they just didn't show up anymore, so for the rest of the levels, I was stuck with the regular weapon.

I suggest that you add a system where you can buy new weapons, and also upgrades for those weapons, along with ammo for any type of weapon you want. money becomes useless after level 10 or so.

the game needs more elements. and definitely better maps/graphics. if you need help with graphics I can definitely do it very well.

Just like battle tanx

I see I wasnt the only one to play battle tanx as a kid ( I think that was how it was spelt at least), that old 2-player game I had on my windows 3.1 haha. This game has a real similar feel to it, the mines, rockets and bullets. Overall it was a really good game, graphics were nice, but you could have added more powerups, after you have them all theres not much point left to play.
You've left yourself a lot of room for expansion, you could add enemy tanks, or use similar powerups to the old version (like the bombers and choppers, although that might get complicated) utilize water traps, and maybe walls (that you can push of course)
Good job, hope to see a sequel in the future :)

knugen responds:

You probably are not the only one who played that game, I've never heard of it though.. If it is as similar as you describe though, including the name, I'm truly stunned :)