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Reviews for "Battle Tank"

Wasn't bad

But the game was kinda repative though. A change of scenery would have been cool. Or if walls or mountians were used rather then a red line that kills you. The gameplay was fun and the upgrades were good too. I liked that I could either be a shooting tank or one that if I upgraded the speed and armour would run shit over. It was fun overall.

Pretty good game.

If you meant to keep it short and quick, that's probably what got it a good score from me. :P

Music was okay, graphics were okay, but the gameplay was pretty good. At the 4th or 5th level I got so much cash in one level that I topped off all my upgrades in one go. I went to level 9 or 10 or something and quit; nothing new that I could see. It just got more difficult.

Was a good waste of fifteen minutes. I couldn't tell what my health was until I was hit, my health dropped kinda fast, and if you keep killing stuff in the level after it's complete, you can easily get upgrades quicker. Plus, I don't think there's an ending, which blows.

Fun little game

This was a fun game but I have a few suggestions. I found it hard to see or even realize there were mines but once I read more I got it. There was a weird flaw in which when I started over when i died i would have a lvl 1 tank but the enemies were clearly from a much higher lvl. After lvl 10 you bought everything and had no reason to play. The main gun was too weak and you had only a limited amount of shots anyways so it wasn't used much so the powerup for it was worthless. Next game maybe make unlimited shots with a very slow recharge with the powerup being more power or faster recharge or maybe limited shots per lvl with the upgrade being more shots. Also the enemies were ALWAYS on the outskirts of the playing field. All I would do is follow the red line, make a loop and I was done, no need to explore the inside really. I look forward to a part 2, despite my rambling it was a fun game.

Has Potential

Nice little game, but it does have a few flaws. Namely, the upgrades can all be easily bought by around lvl 9 or 10, leaving little incentive to continue playing. Also, when I was playing I found that the canon/missile launcher quit working after the first lvl; however, the machine gun was so powerful after a few upgrades that I barely missed it. Lastly, the mines aren't very clearly defined; I had to die and restart twice before I figured out what was going on.

Very good game.

Very fun game, good speed for upgrading. The only thing I could ask for is an option to turn off the sound. Keep up the work!