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Reviews for "How to make your own Tux!"

Well :)

Not bad ! but theres a question

Why we must make the pinguing? ^^
Well...some one maybe will need it some times for that DONT BLAM THIS MOVIE

Smashman2004 responds:

It's just something I thought I would add to this site.

Sweet Dude

I didn't have the time to properly follow along the tutorial and try it myself but I briefly ran through it and I have to say that you did an amazing job. When this passes review I will definitely add it to my favorites and give it a try one of these days.

Smashman2004 responds:

Thanks =D
Please do PM me with your results.

dont know

it was less of a game and more of information. its good and could use some music that makes me want to read it.

Smashman2004 responds:

I changed the Game to Movie and I am planning on adding music at a later date.
I'm not sure what to add however! Any ideas?