Reviews for "The Newgrounds Plan"


This is frontpage material right here!!!!I can't tell you to improve cuz theres nutin to improve on!Once this gets protected im submiting this to some collections then more people will see this 5 from me!!!!!

watmat1 responds:

You thought so, THANKS!

yeah but if you get a crew of people together

and get some proxy tools and a lot of alt accounts you can
submit all 51 at once
and then you would be famous on ng
for bein the prick who submitted 51 movies to the portal at once
or the leader of the prick crew that did that.

Think about it man.

Alright, good clean funny humor

It was good but it took a while to load. Also, I thought it was better than the Apocolypse. The animation was not the best but hey, it fit the hilarious storyline. Another thing, the smilies are too hard to find. Could you tell me where 3 and 4 are.

watmat1 responds:

woh, somebody liked this, well 3 is on the bottom right when jim is teaching tim his plan.
4 is hard, it is on the top right box when jim is making the 51 animations

Much underrated

Just because the animation was less than mediocre, the story and punchline are amazing. 4'd.

not bad

not bad at all. not too long and not too short. was kinda hard to find the other secrets. I found the second one but that was it. overall tho not bad. keep up the good work