Reviews for "Battle For Mario's Cap"


The little dance that Mario does is so funny. The animation was good too. Ayways great flash and keep it up!


it was actualy pretty good, thank you for submitting proly one of the better flashes today. and so i gave u a 5...and i think u could make it longer adn it would be even better


Something good and funny in the New Submissions today! After seeing three other bad flashes, this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This was very funny (especially the Benny Hill style part) and gave me my first laugh of the day here on NG. Thank you.

This had me chuckling. ^^

Very nice sprite-usage there. Made me laugh a little bit. :P

Not much to work on, really. The sounds are good, the sprites fit in well...
Only thing I can think that you need to do is to explain the story in a sequel. ;D

Not what I was expecting

Usually sprite movies make me cringe, but this I found rather enjoyable.
It wasn't anoying or half-assed, the sprites and backgrounds were of good stature, and the choices in music and their quality were much better than average.
This is probably the first sprite flash I've ever voted higher than 2 on. (4/5)
Cute little flick.