Reviews for "xKore - Destroyer (NG Cut)"

yo man

im not a fan of how grainy the wubs sounds. i think you should make them a bit more crisp

Mind blowing

I think this would make a good final boss music in a game. Judging by how it sound it would be that of a gigantic robot alien or something.

If P-bot had a theme song (that I knew of), THIS should be it.
thats's what I think.

Overall very well made, I hope to see more


yo this is amazing and very epic


I kind of fucking love this. Is that alright? Just the.. The way it sounds almost chiptuney but it's not, but it's tsill old school. I... I am trying to put words to this but.. it's difficult. Which in my opinion is a good thing for this kind of music :P

I will give this a 9 because it's fawking good, but not perfect; things are very hard to make perfect- AND OHMYGAWD I just totally heard MGS1's ration noise!! okay. Now it's official, you get a 10.
Boy, do you know how to sway the nerd's E; hah
Keep it going dood!

So you have a twitter and a youtube channel...

So what? Big deal, you wanna fight about it?

Haha nah. What I mean is you need to get ur own site to start SELLING THIS SHIT. For real, you could be making bundles of cash off of your music. This is the best dub around, no doubt. So get on it.