Reviews for "xKore - Destroyer (NG Cut)"

very well done

this is better than the mass produced stuff and nearly as original as skrillex

I don't even..

What is this heavenly sound entering my ears?! The beat on this is amazing, it keeps a kind of up-beat tone while still having AMAZING bass and style. This is the kinda stuff the pros should be making!

Very stylistic!

I liked this submission because it seemed to have a lot of style with it. There was plenty of variety to go around. I was a bit confused as to what the overall tone was supposed to be. Of course, that rarely stopped me from liking an awesome song like this! I think the tone is kind of a gangster one, as I can hear some yells at some point. It might even give off the tone of being in some place going on a great quest, as many songs do.

I just love how the music seems to be all over the place here. It's great to keep the consistent instrumentals, which I can't identify. It just seems like you went out of your way to put a lot of zaniness in this. The reason it's hard to think of this song's theme is because it simply goes everywhere with itself! This was good and creative.


The song was great Matt! keep up the good work.

P.S. I love your dubstep!


How wonderful, this is!!! <3