Reviews for "xKore - Destroyer (NG Cut)"

Five Star!

Loved the MGS Ration sounds. proper good. <3

~.^ how did u knoow

so who told u i like high pitched runs XD gj once again and why is it that u always seem to get a 4.38 on alot of your entries

Good lord...

I have a lot of catching up to do now lol. Even though I invested in Massive myself, you've got a much better handle on the whole master compression thing I think. The mix is beautiful; all levels are exactly where they need to be. I just wish the bass had a little more high end in places (like I guess if you had applied the Scream filter in places? I dunno =P). That's just fucking epic though...it reminds me of some epic rainforest groove. Definitely the best drumstep song here on NG; much better than my Iron God lol.

A little frentic

But it was a good listen :D

Look forward to hearing more EAR-RAPE from you.

Good luck in the contest!

Oh sh...

Bass + Ears = Ohfk.
GJ bro.