Reviews for "Clear Vision II"

Now that was good

I really loved the newspaper ads, especially the one where Bush is not the President anymore making it like America has came to it senses.

hell yeah!!!!!

one thing:this game kick motherfucking ass!!!! make a third one with a new arch rival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a fine blend of gameplay and animation. The only suggestion i would make is improving the difficulty. Other than that all 10's and 5's r belong 2 u!

good enough

i agree to what RevolverEagle said the
bond between part1 and part2 was a bit
fuzzy but great game anywayah

No Doubt Ppl Loved It.

Alright man.
Like I said, no doubt its all man dream game..
But yeah, its easy.. way too easy..

How bout next episode there'll be no picture... His "assistant" will tell him the target feature like, bald hair, heavy drinker...

And last thing, I pretty much dont like stickman, so how bout a lil feature to human shape? Not stickman..

Dats all, good luck in ur future!