Reviews for "Clear Vision II"


Nice one man!!!! This game KICKS A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make more please!

Wonderful Game, But...

Wonderful Game, its just golly its just to easy. The music is decent, Jake's an amusing character, its just there was no challenge to this game once so ever. The last installment gave me a good bit of trouble, this...was just to simple.

maybe a bit too easy,

but very entertaining nevertheless

omg is here

finaly its here clear vision 2 the only part was confused about was the begging since the last one was the person was like a gun pointed to his head or something but i also like the other one where you used the sandbag to kill the dude you could used that in here but i loved it i give my probs to you

Loved it

the graphics r awsome and the game itself is just great if you make another you should make stuff more interactive like with all that money you make make a store or something where you can customize your gun or something like that.... awsome storyline to