Reviews for "Clear Vision II"

now that was a game

this game was a huge improvement to number 1 much longer much better well done man im of to go complete the series.....


this is one of the best games ever. better than the first almost as good as elite.


A huge improvement from the other game. I still enjoyed reading the newspaper to see what the police had to say. I thought it was funny how a guy hired an assassin to kill his neighbors dog. Oh well. I'm off to play Clear Vision: Elite. I'm sure it will be a huge improvement from this one.


MUCH better than #1, good storyline, not too challenging.. had a little trouble with the dude that pops out behind the wall..dont want to give anything away though..i think the last level was probably as easy as any other level though..Now i'm gonna play the third one...

Your writing is horrible...

Why does a secret group have their name written all over everything, including a giant sign on their headquarters building?

Daani responds:

Because everyone thinks SD-6 sells vacum cleaners but what they really do is assassinating people.
Where is your imagination?;P