Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"


Love your animation style and the film was epic, but those monsters he was seeing, were they imaginative?

Good job, fellow!

bravo... I'm realy impressed... masterpiece!!!


these animations should have won a tank that year, these are the most remarkable life changing movies ive ever seen, you're officially my favorite artist on here.
Remarkable man, remarkable.

nice but...

holy crap that was awesome, great animation but to be honest, i didn't really get the story line.

was he in a coma or something?!?!?!


(This covers both 1 and 2)
Speechless. Quite possibly one of the most powerful shorts I've ever seen-- everything was impeccably done. The animation style (especially the emphasis on darker colors) and the non-use of dialogue superbly captured the emotion and power of this piece.
Well done.