Reviews for "the Closing Hour (part 2)"

just in case

if some one hasn't said this yet and i don't know if they have or haven't because I'm not going to go through 90 some odd reviews to find out but there is one fatal flaw with your story walmart never closes that and theres always someone besides you in there


That was the creepiest thing I've watched in a while...

The plot, the animation style, the music... all coordinated together perfectly. This is a work of art.


walmart manger lol rofl lmao >0


that was awesome....... at first i thought it was some zalgo esque animation but the ending made me understand what was going on

My theory

At the end, the monster/man offers him life, but the way he holds his hand out.... its not a "come with me", its a "pay up" hand style. In the end, it was pretty much like the original scenario- He couldn't save his own life because he had nothing to give.... Awesome movie.